COVID Guidelines

Following the UK lockdown announcement we can confirm we are still operating.

To remain COVID safe have implemented the following guidelines for our operators:

Social distancing measures observed at all times
Hand sanitisers to be carried by all operators and used regularly
No knocking on vendors doors/interacting with vendors unless absolutely necessary
No visiting of branches
Face coverings/masks to be worn where possible
One person per van, unless those people live in the same household

Please ensure your customers are aware that we will be enforcing strict social distancing to protect all involved. We politely request they do not approach our operators, and boards are left in easily accessible locations for collection when required.

Thank you to all our clients for their continued patience during this time.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal Roundup 2020

Each year Agency Express joins forces with international relief charity Teams4u for their Christmas shoebox appeal which to helps bring much joy to children living in poverty across Eastern Europe.

In 2019 Teams4u distributed over 51,874 Christmas shoeboxes to vulnerable children and families across Romania, Bosnia and Belarus. While this year’s final figure is yet to be announced, Teams4u have been delighted at the response from donors. Even in the face of a global pandemic, Teams4u will still be able to make their deliveries and brighten many lives this Christmas.

Thanks to the generosity of our estate agency customers, industry colleagues, friends, and local communities we were able to donate 650 Christmas shoeboxes. The first lorry containing 8,542 Christmas shoeboxes left the Evesham depot on 28th November and arrived in Oradea, western Romania on Wednesday 2nd December . Gifts will now be distributed through schools, nurseries, hospitals, and orphanages. Every shoebox will be gratefully received, bringing joy and excitement into an often bleak existence.

Teams4U shared their thoughts on their partnership with Agency Express:

Teams4u are once again incredibly grateful to Agency Express for their support in this year’s shoebox appeal, which has proved to be quite a challenge. 650 shoeboxes were delivered to the Teams4u Evesham Warehouse on the 27th November, the day before the first lorry left for Romania. Thank you once again to Agency Express for helping make this possible!

Ben Brookes, Managing Director of Agency Express said:

This is the fourth year that we have collaborated with Teams4u and inarguably it has been the most important year for donations. The overall support and generosity has been overwhelming and we’re really delighted with the ongoing success of the campaign. Next year we hope to be back on plan to break the 1000 box threshold.


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