Terms and conditions of service and supply


1. In the following Terms & Conditions the following meanings shall apply

THE CUSTOMER The individual, partnership or company as named on the contract

AGENCY EXPRESS The business licensed to trade as Agency Express

1.2 The Customer acknowledges that the local Operator trading under the identity of Agency Express is an independently owned & operated business licensed to trade as such by Agency Express Limited and that no liability of any nature howsoever arising shall attach to Agency Express Limited in respect of the goods & services supplied by the operator

1.3 The Customer shall provide all instructions in respect of the erection, maintenance and retrieval of signboards via the Agency Express online system ‘SignMaster’

1.4. All invoices will be raised by Agency Express Limited to whom all debts will be assigned and to whom payment should be made by Direct Debit, online card payment or BACS transfer.    Cheque or cash payments are not accepted

1.5 All invoices will be sent to the Customers nominated email address and are due for payment within 28 days of invoice date

1.6 All charges are exclusive of standard rate VAT

1.7  Standard service rates do not include additional wording panels or delivery / movement of stock to additional operational centres for which a separate quotation will be provided


2.1 The Customer shall obtain permission from the property owner for the erection of the signboard(s) prior to instructions being given to Agency Express

2.2 Every care will be taken by the Operator to avoid causing damage when erecting a signboard; however Agency Express is unable to accept any liability for any damage to property unless occasioned by the negligence of Agency Express. Agency Express will not affix signs or fixings to door frames, window frames, brittle substances or rendered surfaces without the prior permission of the property owner. If the property owner cannot be contacted, permission will be sought from the Customer. In either case Agency Express will not be responsible for any damage to property however caused

2.3 Agency Express will affix or erect signboards up to a maximum height of 4.6m and at all times maintain Public Liability insurance (£5,000,000) in respect of products and services supplied

2.4 Agency Express cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any signs, posts or fixings not erected or serviced by themselves or when a sign has been moved or tampered with by the Customer, the property owner or any third party

2.5 The Customer accepts sole responsibility for complying with all relevant legal or planning requirements in connection with the erection of any board and further agrees to indemnify Agency Express in respect of any breach of, or failure to comply with such requirements


3.1  The minimum period for the supply of service is twelve months and Agency Express undertakes to guarantee the charges stated overleaf during this period.  At the end of this period this agreement shall continue, subject to an increase inline with the Consumer Price Index or 6% (whichever is greater). The Customer shall give a minimum of three months written notice of a wish to discontinue use of the service, if such notice is not provided the Customer shall be liable for a pro-rata charge in lieu of notice

3.2 The Customer hereby covenants that Agency Express shall be their sole signboard contractor / erector throughout both the initial and notice periods

3.3 Agency Express may deem this agreement to have been terminated if signage is not requested from Agency Express within a consecutive sixty day period or should any invoice become more than sixty days overdue


The following additional terms & conditions shall apply when board rental is requested.

4.1 Agency Express will undertake to purchase & stock high quality Correx signboards printed to the style / artwork as supplied by or approved by the Customer. All posts, sold slips & fixings will also be provided by Agency Express

4.2 All signs, slips, posts & fixings shall at all time remain the property of Agency Express or their successors in title

4.3 A Rental charge will be made on a per board basis when the Customer requests a signboard to be erected

4.4. No charge will be made for stock or printing unless the design of the signboard is altered or the contract is terminated or not renewed or should any office close down. In such cases the Customer shall have the right and be liable to purchase all boards erected and held in stock by Agency Express and such boards will be invoiced to the Customer for a sum equal to £20 per board set

4.5. Standard rental rates do not include special boards or wording panels, for which a separate quote will be supplied

4.6. Instructions to remove the sign must be given to Agency Express no later than the date of completion of the sale or on the date that a property is withdrawn from sale

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