COVID Guidelines

Following the UK lockdown announcement we can confirm we are still operating.

To remain COVID safe have implemented the following guidelines for our operators:

Social distancing measures observed at all times
Hand sanitisers to be carried by all operators and used regularly
No knocking on vendors doors/interacting with vendors unless absolutely necessary
No visiting of branches
Face coverings/masks to be worn where possible
One person per van, unless those people live in the same household

Please ensure your customers are aware that we will be enforcing strict social distancing to protect all involved. We politely request they do not approach our operators, and boards are left in easily accessible locations for collection when required.

Thank you to all our clients for their continued patience during this time.

London leads the way.

The latest data revealed by the Agency Express Property Activity Index has reported continued growth for the UK property market. Key areas such as London and the West Midlands lead the way marking April 2013 as their most successful month since 2007; both regions displaying on-going continuity and resilience to the ever changing property market.  While the divide between the North/South property market may have widened this month, on whole the UK property market appears robust with more houses coming on to the market and more sales since the first data recorded by the Index in 2007.

Regional month on month data recorded by the Property Activity Index has exposed a thriving London. Data shows that the figures for properties sold have risen by 14.2% and an increase of 10.4% has been recorded for properties coming on to the market. The London property market has demonstrated continual strength, making steady increases over the last four months. London has also recently reported that an 8% increase has been made on the price of luxury houses over the - 0.4% decrease made by other European cities. This is another demonstration on the currently booming London property market.

Further increases have been recorded for West Midlands; Solid month on month figures reported by the Property Activity Index reinforce the regions bounce back from the down turns recorded in latter 2012. East Anglia has also risen another 5.5% on properties coming on to the market and 5.9% on properties sold. Whereas the East Midlands reports their first declines of the year with properties coming on to the market by down by -0.3% and properties down by -4.9%

The largest decline in this month’s property market was recorded for the North East. After presenting optimistic figures last month where the regions average house price rising from £136,969 to £142,160 Aprils figures indicate fragility with the average price dropping by -5.5%.  The decline is reflected in this month’s Property Activity Index by a decrease on properties coming on to the market by -10.7% and -25.8 on properties sold.  

Agency Express Comments

Commenting on the latest index results, Stephen Watson, Managing Director of Agency Express said:  The figures reported by this month’s Property Activity Index have on face value revealed a mixed bag of results for some regions.  Nevertheless the performance of the UK property market this year has been promising.  Demand for property is rising, the Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme is underway with over 300 developers signed up to the incentive and we are experiencing  national growth. The initial outlook for the 2013 property market was one of optimism and I think it is fair to say we remain optimistic. 

Monthly % Changes for April 2013

% Changes for Feb - April 2013

New Listings
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

Properties Sold
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

New ListingsProperties Sold
Apr 13Apr 12Apr 13Apr 12
Central England2.314.9-2.94.8
East Anglia5.512.75.918.2
East Midlands-31.2-4.97.2
North East-10.7-22.7-25.8-24.8
North West-6.74.711.38.3
South East-4.633.42.519.4
South West1.118.9-0.529
West Midlands13.89.99.410.5
Yorks & Humber10.1-16.19-14.3
New ListingsProperties Sold
Feb -
Aug 13
Feb -
Apr 12
Feb -
Apr 13
Feb -
Apr 12
Central England10.66.414.313.9
East Anglia16.212.622.720.2
East Midlands19.411.120.614.7
North East11.97.616.314.2
North West11.511.814.620.6
South East1220.418.920.1
South West13.510.916.216.5
West Midlands18.813.618.416.3
Yorks & Humber21.492112.2

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