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Following the UK lockdown announcement we can confirm we are still operating.

To remain COVID safe have implemented the following guidelines for our operators:

Social distancing measures observed at all times
Hand sanitisers to be carried by all operators and used regularly
No knocking on vendors doors/interacting with vendors unless absolutely necessary
No visiting of branches
Face coverings/masks to be worn where possible
One person per van, unless those people live in the same household

Please ensure your customers are aware that we will be enforcing strict social distancing to protect all involved. We politely request they do not approach our operators, and boards are left in easily accessible locations for collection when required.

Thank you to all our clients for their continued patience during this time.

Autumn UK housing market bounces back

It was a similar picture regarding the number of new 'For Sale' listings recorded in October against September with eight out of the twelve regions generating positive month on month figures. East Anglia topped the table for new 'For Sale' listings, up +6.9%, the South West was up +5.8% and the South East, up +5.5%. At the other end of the regional 'not-so-hot-spots' table for new 'For Sale' listings were the North East, down -11.5%, Scotland was down -7.7% and the West Midlands, down -3.4%. Disappointingly, the number of 'For Sale' listings in October 2011 were down -1.9% on the same month in 2010 but 2011 figures were up +14.5% on October 2009.

More than half of the twenty two individual cities monitored on the Property Activity Index experienced increases in month on month house sales in October, with Milton Keynes topping the city 'hot-spots' with an increase of +39.3%, followed by Bristol up +35.8%, Southampton up +30.0% and Cardiff up +27.8%. At the opposite end of the table, the cities recording the greatest decline in month on month properties 'Sold' in October were Colchester down -27.5%, Leeds down -19.1% and Newcastle down -15.7%.

New 'For Sale' activity month on month in individual cities for October saw Brighton topping the charts with an increase of +37.7%, York up +27.7% and Milton Keynes up +19.0%. Edinburgh saw the greatest month on month decline in new 'For Sale' listings compared to September, down -20.2%, with Oxford down -16.1% and Carlisle down -11.9%.

Commenting on the latest Index results, Stephen Watson Managing Director, Agency Express, said: "In recent weeks the UK property market has been drowning in negative publicity and market speculation. Our October Index is evidence that the current ingredients of low interest rates and the low supply of well presented, realistically priced properties, can be a real recipe for success. Whilst I believe the UK property market still has stiff challenges ahead in 2011 and 2012, these figures reveal some encouraging signs for many regions and cities across the UK and should go some way to installing a little more consumer confidence in the housing market."

Monthly % Changes for October 2011

% Changes for Aug - October 2011

New Listings
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

Properties Sold
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

New ListingsProperties Sold
Oct 11Oct 10Oct 11Oct 10
Central England4-11.512.1-7.6
East Anglia6.9-12.510.3-0.8
East Midlands-0.26.9-2.917.1
North East-11.5-23.2-9.6-5.7
North West3.2-99.923.1
South East-10.8-15.611.910
South West-4.7-12.5-1.18.5
West Midlands-3.4-7.528.8-16.6
Yorks & Humber1.7-
New ListingsProperties Sold
Aug -
Jul 11
Aug -
Oct 10
Aug -
Oct 11
Aug -
Oct 10
Central England3.5-7.82.2-10.8
East Anglia-2.2-5.82-1.5
East Midlands-3.5-5-2.24.3
North East-7.4-11.2-5.8-4.1
North West-4.4-
South East-1.8-4.89.1-6.1
South West-6.2-7.4-4.3-4.5
West Midlands-1.8-10.69.5-5
Yorks & Humber-3.4-9.4-0.1-1.5

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