The rises and falls of the UK property market in September

September’s month on month data from the Agency Express Property Activity Index, has revealed an increase in the number of new listings coming on to the UK property market. National figures show new listings ‘For Sale’ sitting at 2.4% while figures for properties ‘Sold’ saw a marginal decline at -0.3%.

Observing activity across the UK, five of the twelve regions recorded by the Property Activity Index reported increases in new listings ‘For Sale’ and seven reported increases in properties ‘Sold’.

The areas to record the largest month on month increases included:

New listings ‘For Sale’

  • London 16.30%
  • Central England 10.10%
  • East Anglia 5.90%
  • South West 5.10%
  • South East 5.00%

Properties ‘Sold’

  • South West 10.20%
  • Yorkshire & Humberside 5.40%
  • East Midlands 4.50%
  • Wales 3.60%
  • South East 1.50%

This month’s top performing region was the South West. Following a slump in new listings during July and August, figures bounced back to sit at 5.1%. Robust figures were also returned for properties ‘Sold’ at 10.20%. A healthy increase in new listings ‘For Sale’ was also reported in the capital, sitting at 16.30%. However, over a three month rolling period figures remain down at -23.70%.

The largest month on month declines in September’s Property Activity Index were recorded in Scotland. New listings ‘For Sale’ fell to -4.5% as did properties ‘Sold’ at -19.20%. The fall in figures marked the region’s largest month on month decline for September since the Property Activity Index’s first records in 2012.

Commenting on the latest index results, Stephen Watson, Managing Director of Agency Express said: During September we would normally see a spike in activity following the summer holiday slump. While ‘For Sale’ figures in general have remained on trend we haven’t witnessed the same buoyancy in ‘Sold’ figures. As we now move in to the last three months of the year where traditionally we start to see a slower pace across the market, it is unlikely that we will see any major increases in activity.

Monthly % Changes for September 2017

% Changes for Jul - September 2017

New Listings
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

Properties Sold
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

New ListingsProperties Sold
Sep 17Sep 16Sep 17Sep 16
Central England10.15.6-1.69
East Anglia5.
East Midlands0.4-
North East-2.838.30.318.3
North West-1-0.9-63.5
South East59.11.58.4
South West5.12.210.2-11
West Midlands-4.16.4-9.88.2
Yorks & Humber-
New ListingsProperties Sold
Jul -
Jan 17
Jul -
Sep 16
Jul -
Sep 17
Jul -
Sep 16
Central England-4.6-3.2-5.8-3.1
East Anglia-6.2-7.5-1.8-2.3
East Midlands0.1-1.10.63
North East-1.88.3-0.22.2
North West-4.3-1.4-1.20.7
South East-8.2-5.6-2.92.5
South West-0.5-44.9-2.7
West Midlands-3.4-0.4-4.30.4
Yorks & Humber-7-4.3-0.4-1.8

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