COVID Guidelines

Following the UK lockdown announcement we can confirm we are still operating.

To remain COVID safe have implemented the following guidelines for our operators:

Social distancing measures observed at all times
Hand sanitisers to be carried by all operators and used regularly
No knocking on vendors doors/interacting with vendors unless absolutely necessary
No visiting of branches
Face coverings/masks to be worn where possible
One person per van, unless those people live in the same household

Please ensure your customers are aware that we will be enforcing strict social distancing to protect all involved. We politely request they do not approach our operators, and boards are left in easily accessible locations for collection when required.

Thank you to all our clients for their continued patience during this time.

Property Activity Index

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions asked about the Property Activity Index. For any further queries or if you would like to use our data in your publication or website then please get in touch.

About our data

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    How is the data used in the Agency Express Property Activity Index obtained?

    Agency Express is the UK's largest ‘For Sale’ sign contractor, working with 47% of estate agents across the UK. Every time a sign movement request is made (whether it’s to erect a new board, update to sold, or remove on completion) the information is tracked ‘real time’, using the Agency Express unique online SignMaster management system. In this way, Agency Express is able to closely monitor daily activity across a large and representative sector of the UK housing market.
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    How accurate is the data?

    Agency Express reports on the monthly activity within the UK property market based on the actual volume and status of ‘For Sale’ board movements (erected, changed to ‘Sold’, changed back to ‘For Sale’ if a sale falls through etc) and therefore provides a unique indictor of real time activity within the property market. Please note, Agency Express does not correlate or report on property prices
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    How far back does the data go?

    Information on the Agency Express Property Activity Index database extends back to January 2007.
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    Is the data totally independent?

    Yes, Agency Express is totally independent of any financial institution or membership organisation. In addition, it’s worth noting that the data is uploaded by estate agents directly and not by Agency Express owner-operators.

General Questions

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    I am interested in becoming an Agency Express franchisee, how can I find out more information?

    Please email or telephone 01508 579800 and a full Franchise Prospectus will be forwarded to you.
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    Does it include commercial property?

    The Agency Express Property Activity Index does not include information on the commercial market.
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    What areas of the UK are covered?

    Agency Express currently has coverage of (and can accurately report on) 87% of all postcode areas in the UK. By necessity, due to the limited property markets, it is not possible to provide representative coverage in very sparsely populated areas, such as the Highlands of Scotland and central Wales.
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    Does the Index also include information on the lettings market?

    Agency Express also manages ‘To Let’ boards and correlates information on the lettings market. This information released as part of the monthly Property Activity Index.


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    How may I use the information issued by Agency Express?

    The Property Activity Index may be used in any activity relevant to the UK housing market, by estate agents, the media, individual reference, etc. The Index should always be credited to Agency Express.
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    What makes the Agency Express Property Activity Index different from other property indices?

    Most, if not all, other UK property indices report historically on what has happened to property prices in the preceding months, quarter(s) and years. These are mainly produced by two distinct types of organisations. Firstly, the Financial institutions, which report only on properties on which they themselves have lent or valued, according to their own current lending criteria – hence the frequent differences in the increases / decreases in property prices between lending institutions. Secondly, there are the reports that are produced by membership organisations, which obviously can only report on information provided by their members and which normally rely on the accurate (manual or otherwise) reporting by the individual members themselves.

    The Agency Express Property Activity Index has two distinct differences: it reflects the actual sale status of an independent range of property across the UK housing market and it collects this information on a daily basis, including time taken from a property being placed on the market to completion of sale.

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    I am a journalist, how can I find out more about the Agency Express Property Activity Index?

    Please contact Naomi Wood on:
    T: 01508 579800

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    How often is the Agency Express Property Activity Index Issued?

    The Agency Express Property Activity Index sales report is issued monthly on the 1st or 2nd working day of each month and the lettings market on the 15th or 16th working day.

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