Virtual sales in the COVID market

Virtual sales are now a reality in the COVID market and beyond: A forward thinking approach can give positive results.

Viewings are commencing and valuations are continuing. Indeed, the coronavirus has set us up for virtual modes more than ever before.

COVID-19 has given us some brilliant communication tools; we have adapted to the new ways of managing our businesses, our personal life and this is now starting to show great results.

Estate agencies are a people-oriented businesses and some agencies have had minimal virtual interactions. Digital advancements and proptech services have helped move the industry forward, but vendors still prefer to meet estate agents and visit the properties physically. With our new lifestyle changes these processes have evolved quickly to create safer and more flexible interactions. Vendors can now meet the agent and view the property as many times as they wish, the only change is –  it’s virtual. We are adapting our mindset.

Digital transformation has been the backbone of business continuity and has enabled us to move forward with new means of communication. The property industry were early adopters, who quickly jumped to virtual business and managed to sustain within this challenging period.  Acorn estate agents in Bromley, are a great example of how the industry has seized digital platforms and the transition was quick and effective. There has been a surge in online activity since the COVID-19 outbreak. Zoom, Calendly and Whatsapp are household tools now.

Is the market conducive?

With mortgage rates low and with the prospect of increased lendings once the COVID-19 threat settles, home seller could capitalise on the competitive mortgage offers and cash-in a sale quickly. Vendors should not be put off by new means of communication and virtual viewings.

Can you go ahead with your property search?

Estate agencies are now taking the opportunity to revamp their way of operating. The COVID outbreak has introduced some much-delayed sophistication in business dealings, particularly in the estate agency sector. Estate agencies have moved forward, transformed to adopt digital ways and have continued their services within the market.

The use of virtual viewings and valuations, though unheard of before, is the new norm. There’s been a surge of online activities since the lockdown started and vendors are getting used to online property viewings.

Why lose out on excellent properties?

If you planned to invest in a property, COVID-19 should not stop you. Property listings are available online and if there’s a property that you love, go ahead and request a virtual viewing. Viewings are accessible by online booking forms via the estate agent’s website. It’s a free service and if you need a valuation, that’s virtual too. Estate agents have invested in fantastic technology to deliver detailed digital displays. These displays are delivered in the form of virtual walkthrough videos, which capture the property as you would see it in real life. Digital walkthroughs have been extremely successful and sales have been agreed off the back of these viewings.

Your estate agent works remotely

The property industry is a B2C lead business, it is important to continue communication with your estate agent during lockdown. While you need to maintain physical distance, your estate agent is available to communicate with via video. In essence virtual communication is the same physical, we simply need to adapt to the new format. If you like a property that’s listed online, you can contact your estate agent for the information you require and continue to move forward.

Stay connected with your estate agent

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the best way to proceed is to communicate with your estate agent via any means available. While methods of communication are different, agents still remain the most experienced and credible people to give you the best advice on all property matters. Even during COVID-19 they can still give you market exposure. Your estate agent is also connected with other clients sharing mutually beneficial goals. Even during COVID19 property deals can be achieved much sooner than you think.