Agency Express stands with the the Ukraine

Agency Express are proud to support our long term, international relief charity partner Teams4U with their ongoing Ukraine Appeal.

Aid from all over the UK is being gathered into warehouses across several regions such as Wrexham, Evesham, Nottingham, Derby, Grimsby and Agency Express’ head office in Norwich.

Many generous donations have already been made from local communities and businesses, and are about to begin their journey to the refugee camp at the University of Suceava in Romania.

The journey has many steps and many volunteers are involved along the way to help check, pack and prepare pallets for shipping.

The lorries will then head across Europe into Romania and then up to the northern city of Suceava and on to the university Team4U’s charity partners in Romania.

The university also has direct links with the University of Kyiv and a proportion of the aid received is destined for the Ukraine, transport links depending.

Agency Express will continue collect aid for as long as it is needed and closer to Christmas we would welcome Christmas Shoebox donations as there will be a greater need than ever for these in 2022.

For any queries about the Agency Express Ukraine Appeal or the Agency Express Christmas Shoebox Appeal please email: or call: 01508 579800