4 ways to use digital marketing to transform your estate agency

Digital marketing is an essential element of any marketing strategy thanks to its ability to reach large amounts of targeted users. For the property industry, it offers an effective and simple way to generate leads with a relatively low budget. If you want your estate agency business to be seen, creating an online presence is the way to do it! 

Utilise email marketing

A great way to stay in the minds of previous clients and build a strong brand with potential future clients is to create an email marketing campaign. The key to a good email marketing campaign is not only to get people to open the emails, but to draw them in and encourage them to click through to your website. 

To do this, personalise your emails to directly target potential clients, offer relevant content, include a call-to-action to direct them to do a particular thing and make your email visual to draw them in. Finally, try not to overwhelm your email subscribers with too many emails and make sure that they are well formatted for mobile! 

You can use email marketing to consider clients interests and show them properties you think they would be interested in. They will respond much better to personalised content that they are actually interested in than generic emails that don’t offer them any value. 

Make your website mobile responsive

In order to capture more business and increase the likelihood of users spending time on your website, it is essential that it works well on mobile devices. The internet offers so many different options for consumers with a wide range of websites on any topic, so if your site isn’t easy to use, they will simply go elsewhere. 

In the past, it was good enough for your website to be mobile friendly, meaning that it would work well on both computers and mobiles. But now, in order to please demanding users, the site should be mobile responsive, meaning it will respond to the size of the mobile and provide the perfect layout accordingly. This will help your website to rank higher on the search results page whilst also improving the user experience. 

Create valuable and interesting blog posts

One of the best ways to improve your digital marketing strategy is to have a blog on your website containing valuable information. Experts in your company could provide unique insights on topics relevant to your company. Google will then see this information and are likely to rank your website higher if it is providing useful and relevant information to users. 

Use social media to show virtual tours

A fantastic way to utilise social media as an estate agency business is to present virtual tours. There are three main benefits to this. 

Firstly, you will be showing properties in detail to a wide range of prospective clients, meaning that you will access more potential buyers. You will also cut out some less serious viewings as people will get a good overview through the video or tour without you needing to waste time showing the property to people who will then decide they aren’t interested. Finally, you could spend longer creating amazing videos of your very best properties, which people may share with their friends or followers if they see it as a dream property or their goals for the future. 

The videos don’t have to be limited to virtual tours, either. You could do a series of informative videos where a member of your team explains important terms such as lease reviews or business rates appeal, or perhaps introduce one member of staff each month through a video to put a face behind the name. Whether you spend a bit more and invest in a drone to make professional content, or make it more personal with a simple talk through of the property, utilising social media in order to present properties will benefit your business in all areas. 

Final thoughts

There has never been a better time to utilise all the possibilities that digital marketing has to offer. No matter your experience or budget, there are things you easily do to increase your visibility and build your business.

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