Upcycling old estate agency boards

Thomson Hayton Winkley Solicitors have been long term supporters of mental health charity Growing Well and are delighted, with the support of Agency Express Lancaster, to find a further way of helping them.

Growing well, an organic farm and training centre focused on providing safe, supportive working environments to nurture mental health recovery, have devised a unique way of upcycling old estate agency boards.

When Thomson Hayton Winkley Estate Agents heard about the inventive use of boards they were pleased to get involved by donating approximately 30 of their old estate agency boards.

Thomson Hayton Winkley Estate Agents said:

Whilst our old boards would normally be recycled, they are now going to a good cause and being reused – as trays for seedlings! We are strong supporters of the Growing Well charity and we were pleased that the opportunity to help them via our estate agency came along.

Donated estate agency boards are cut down and then used as trays for soil blocks which Growing Well make, to avoid using plastic module trays. They get 3 trays per sign, with 120 seedlings per tray.

According to Paul Cambre from Growing Well the signs arrived just in time as they will be planning over 5000 seedlings at the bringing of March.

Martin Shuker from Agency Express Lancaster who provide Thomson Hayton Winkley’s Estate Agency boards, is pictured here with Paul at Growing Well.

If any other agents would like to get involved and follow in Thomson Hayton Winkley’s footsteps please contact us.