Get your home ready for Christmas

Everyone’s heard about the annual big spring clean. The time of year when we clear everything out and give our homes a really good going over. But, how about an autumn or pre-Christmas clean?

Of course, you could argue that provided you stick to your regular cleaning schedule, there’s no real need for one. However, with all the summer pollen that can build up, not to mention the debris the windier autumn weather can blow in, it actually makes a lot of sense to have a deep clean in the colder months too.

The timing of an autumn or pre-Christmas clean is actually something many people would appreciate, particularly if you enjoy entertaining family and friends over the holiday period, said Brixton estate agent, Eden Harper. You could begin a bi-annual deep clean trend, or simply switch the Spring clean to the autumn.

Key areas to target

If you think your home would benefit from an autumn or pre-Christmas clean, there are a few key areas that will likely demand your attention. They include:

  • The bathroom – get it spotlessly shiny to impress all the guests you’re likely to have.
  • Picture, mirror and window frames – they can easily harbour pollen from the summer and dust, too, so give them a good clean to remove any dirt.
  • Your best table ware – get all your best table ware and cutlery out for a thorough clean ahead of its busiest period.
  • Kitchen – even though most kitchens are among the cleanest rooms in a home, due to the amount of use and regular cleaning that occurs, getting into all the corners and giving your ovens a thorough deep clean, will help show your kitchen at its best.
  • Hallways – again, an area of your home that will get a lot of use during the Christmas and new year period, so pay it some attention and make sure your skirting boards are spotless!

Highlighting a few key areas can help you organise your autumn clean and really get to grips with the rooms and places that matter, said Newington green estate agent, M&M Property.

House proud

While we don’t always have time to think about being house proud, the weeks around Christmas and New Year are different. Even if you don’t have a lot of guests around, many people do tend to spend more time indoors. Either due to inclement weather or because they like to enjoy relaxing for a while after being so busy during the rest of the year.

But, being in your home a little more often might give you the chance to see that some areas and rooms around your home could do with some attention. And, as you’re there….

Feeling house proud is natural, either when you plan on having plenty of guests, or when you’re at home and want your property to be at its best. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Giving your home a really good clean ahead of a busy or quiet, holiday period will ensure you have every right to be proud of your lovely home. said Andrew Reeves estate agent. “So why not find some time and do just that.