Integration: How it can save you time and money

In the estate agency software business, integration is big.  Here at Apex27 we eat, sleep and breathe integration. The more integrations our CRM platform has the happier we are.

So imagine our horror when recently a client asked the question: How does integration benefit me?

It was one of those uh-oh moments. We realised that we talk about integration so much that we sometimes forget to explain to clients what integration is and what it means for them.

So we’ve written this blog post to make amends!

What is integration?

Integration is where many individual and often very different tools and platforms are brought together to work as one. In simple terms, it means that different systems can effectively talk to one another and ‘teamwork’ together. It means, for example, products and services from different sources can be ordered and managed from a single CRM platform.

Clever from a tech point of view, yes, but what really matters to you the client is the real, practical benefits, and there are many!

What are the benefits?

When a CRM system is well integrated you only have to work with one platform rather than dozens. You only need to do everything once.

The well integrated system ‘talks’ to the other products and services  for you. Everything is automatically ordered (or cancelled) and managed for you. You can see exactly where you are with everything at any time all in one place.

The practical benefits are greater accuracy, greater productivity and time and money saved. Resources are saved to do more productive things, like actually making sales.

Apex27 offers many integrations. In fact, when you use Apex27 you can directly access around 50 leading property platforms and tools too.

Apex27’s integration with Agency Express is a perfect example of how integration brings you real, practical benefits. Apex27 integrates instantly and seamlessly with the Agency Express’ SignMaster3 total estate agency board management system. So once inside Apex27 you can keep on top of your board movements easily, online and with no need to go anywhere else.

SignMaster3 offers an impressive array of functions. You can request, change and retrieve boards, view the history and current status of all boards, view your board stock, communicate directly with your Agency Express operator and see a full breakdown of costs.

We understand that daily board management can cumbersome. Apex27’s integration with Agency Express is a great example of how integrations can deliver big benefits to an agencies business. The time and money saved compared to chasing boards the old fashioned way is potentially huge. Integration means you save time and money and free up resources to do more productive, profitable things with your time.

What Estate Agents say about Apex27 integration with Agency Express

Jon Webster, Director, Complete Estate Agents

I like working with James and the team. All CRM systems that I have worked with have queries and raise questions but the Apex27 the support team are very easily contacted if I ever need them. A lot quicker and more helpful than some I have worked with before! The system is fairly simple to use and it helps in the day to day running of my business. The integration between Apex27 and Agency Express has made board management much easier.


I can place board orders and request a service straight from my CRM, which is open all day every day. Previously I would have to open SignMaster3 and order a service directly from them. Now, as I’m already working in Apex27 and probably working on the property in question, I can request a service in seconds and that obviously makes my job easier, smarter and saves my time!

Rob Lapthorn, Director, Property Bee UK

One word.. ‘Brilliant’. We launched our company just under a year and a half ago and were trying to find the best CRM system to use. Something affordable but did not break the bank. As a new company we did not at that time have the funds to pay the prices some of the other larger CRM companies were quoting. That’s when we stumbled across Apex27 and we soon set up a call to learn more. It did exactly what we needed it to do, manage a database of clients, list properties, manage documents and more. It’s easy design was quick to pick up and we were blown away by what we could do for such a good price. The level of support and willingness to listen since we’ve joined has been excellent.


The integration between Apex27 and Agency Express’ SignMaster3 board management system has been excellent. It’s saved so much time, removing the need to juggle between different platforms, and training time from our end as new staff members have joined. I don’t think I’ve logged into SignMaster3 once since we launched because Apex shows all the relevant info via their integration. I would also like to add that their integration with Agency Express, Docusign and other suppliers is the reason why we would not consider changing providers. The less time we spend in front of the computer means more time spent with our clients!

We hope this has helped to explain what the benefits of integration are (and even what integration is if you weren’t too sure!).

If you’d like to see exactly how integration can benefit you in practice then please feel free to request a demo of Apex27. Or alternatively you can even sign up now to try our Apex27 estate and letting agent software for free.

Written by James Wright is CEO and Founder of Apex 27 Limited.

Apex27’s team, working in partnership with industry professionals, have developed the next-generation single platform estate agency CRM – a cloud-based, full-featured, cost-effective solution, that’s free to try with no long term commitments.

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