A summer of sales

After a surge in property market activity throughout June and July the annual summer holiday slowdown has now set in.  Seasonal trends historically show slower activity for the property market throughout August. However in light of recent growth and activity and with the British Bankers' Association, reporting increases of mortgage lending by 30% in July, the property market continues to thrive even through the quieter months.

The Agency Express Property Activity Index provides a ‘real time’ and true insight in to the UK housing market. This month data collated from national daily ‘For Sale’ and ‘Sold’ board movements did not reflect the usual seasonal dip for August with figures for properties sold rising a further 1.6% from last month’s increase of 8.5%. Figures also averaged over a 3 month period returned positive results showing a national increase of 6.2% for properties sold in August, marking the first August to record a rise in sales and not a decline since the Property Activity Index first records in 2007.

 For properties coming on to the market the seasonal slowdown took effect.  The Property Activity Index reported a much slower pace in August and data averaged over a 3 month period highlighted a national reduction of 2.4%. Nevertheless the outlook for upcoming months remains optimistic.  August house prices have been reported to of had their biggest annual rise in 3 years and buyers remain eager with daily news of increased lending and access to a larger range of competitively rated financial institutions. 

Looking more closely at the data recorded by the Property Activity Index, regions achieving robust figures for properties ‘Sold’ over a 3 month period include: East Anglia up by 7.1% returning their best figures for August since 2007, continuous growth for South East up by 15.1%, the South West up by 7.8% the region’s best figure since 2009 and finally London up by 9.1% the region’s best figure for August recorded to date by the property Activity Index. 

 Two regions buck the seasonal trend for both properties coming on to the market and properties sold. The South East increased by 2.5% on new listings for sale and rose by an increase of 15.1% on properties sold. The South West increased by 0.6% on new listings for sale and solid 7.8% on properties sold.

 Slower moving regions over the last 3 months include: The North West down by -1.9% on properties coming on to the market and only a minor increase of 0.6% on properties sold. Scotland down by -3.9% on properties coming on to the market and  taking a dip for the first time since 2010 down by -3.1% on properties sold.

 Agency Express Comments

Commenting on the latest index results, Stephen Watson, Managing Director of Agency Express said: 

In recent weeks the reports from the property market have grown from strength to strength, with record breaking figures and rates hitting the headlines on a daily basis. A seasonal downturn is usually anticipated in August and although most region have seen a decline over all figures show a robust undercurrent with many areas recording their best August to date. As the summer holidays come to an end and normal routines resume I am optimistic that the upward trends we’ve been seeing will resume and rest of the year will continue to show robust growth.

Monthly % Changes for August 2013

% Changes for Jun - August 2013

New Listings
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

Properties Sold
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

New Listings Properties Sold
Aug 13 Aug 12 Aug 13 Aug 12
NATIONAL -7.7 -14.1 1.6 -11.3
Central England -10.7 -10.6 0.4 -16.7
East Anglia -12 -20.1 3.8 -12.2
East Midlands -3.9 -21.3 4.3 -6
London -25.2 -12.4 -9.8 -5.4
North East 3.4 -23.1 6.2 -17.2
North West -6.3 -9.5 8.1 -14
Scotland -7.9 -7.3 9.8 -2.6
South East 3.4 -21.6 3 -11.3
South West 1 -13.7 2.4 -20.7
Wales -9.2 -6 2.2 -21.1
West Midlands -6.6 -12 -4.6 -3.4
Yorks & Humber -6.2 -13.4 2.8 -3.4
New Listings Properties Sold
Jun -
May 13
Jun -
Aug 12
Jun -
Aug 13
Jun -
Aug 12
NATIONAL -2.4 -4.5 6.2 -3.3
Central England -5.7 -6.7 5.4 -7.6
East Anglia -3.9 -3.6 7.1 -4.9
East Midlands -1.9 -4 1.6 -0.2
London -5.1 -4 9.1 -7.2
North East -3.2 -9.7 4.1 -6.6
North West -1.9 -4.8 0.6 -3.4
Scotland -3.9 -7 -3.1 4.5
South East 2.5 -0.4 15.1 -2.9
South West 0.6 -4.6 7.8 -2.4
Wales -1.5 2.4 10.9 -5
West Midlands -1.6 -5.6 2.9 -1
Yorks & Humber -1.9 -5.2 6 0.6

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