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Summer sales heat up.

The sun comes out and sales heat up as 7 out of 12 regions recorded by the Property Activity Index buck seasonal trends displaying month-on-month increases for properties sold.  The index shows good start to the summer holiday season for the UK housing market as it surpasses itself recording a national increase of 8.5% on properties sold,  with robust figures from London and the southern regions setting the pace; London up by 43.5% and South East up 29.3 %  and the South West  up by 19.7 %.   

 Figures from the Property Activity index also highlighted a slower pace for properties coming on to the market as the seasonal slowdown hit all 12 regions. Over all a national decline of -13.5% was recorded. Biggest fallers were Central England dropping by -30%, the South East by -22.6%, the North East by -19.7% and London by -30.7%. Smaller declines were made in East Anglia dropping by -7%, the North West by -5.7% and Scotland records the lowest decline of 5.1%.

 Consistent performers over a three month average period include Wales who this month recorded steady increase of 3.7% on new listings for sale and 2.6% on properties sold. These figures shed a positive light over their recent declines of -10.5% on new properties coming on to the market and 9.8%on properties sold. London remains a top performer, with an average increase of 14.4% on properties sold and 3.1 % on new listings for sale as do the South East.

Looking more closely at the data recorded by the Property Activity Index for individual towns and cities only 3 reported increases for new listing for sale properties. York came in 3rd with a rise of 0.49%, on properties coming on to the market and 17.7% for properties sold. Southampton reported a 0.79% increase for properties coming and a notable 75.61% increase on properties sold.  The UK’s hottest spot and most consistent was Coventry with increase of 12.63% on properties coming on to the market and a robust increase of 40% on properties sold.

Agency Express Comments

Commenting on the latest index results, Stephen Watson, Managing Director of Agency Express said:  

July has been an interesting month for the UK property market. Predominantly figures for new properties coming on to the market do follow the seasonal month-on-month trend for July however sales have surpassed themselves. During these summer months seasonal slowdown is anticipated, we may have observed a slump in new ‘For Sale’ listings but the index has demonstrated there is still a great demand for property. With more and lower deposit mortgages being made available this demand will only increase.  As we pick up pace again in forthcoming months we look forward to seeing these figures evening out again.

Monthly % Changes for July 2013

% Changes for May - July 2013

New Listings
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

Properties Sold
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

New Listings Properties Sold
Jul 13 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul 12
NATIONAL -13.5 5.6 8.5 8.7
Central England -30 -1.6 8 11.2
East Anglia -7 13 2.3 6.4
East Midlands -16.5 20.4 -0.6 5.8
London -30.7 -14.9 43.5 -12.7
North East -19.7 38.5 -9.3 -5.9
North West -5.7 4.2 0.5 19.7
Scotland -5.1 1.6 -11.5 21.2
South East -22.6 19.9 29.3 -2.4
South West -11.5 0.1 19.7 13.2
Wales -10.5 8.8 -9.8 41.8
West Midlands -8.2 2.4 -0.5 34.9
Yorks & Humber -7.9 11.6 2.4 -4.2
New Listings Properties Sold
May -
Mar 13
May -
Jul 12
May -
Jul 13
May -
Jul 12
NATIONAL -0.4 -1.6 6.6 -2
Central England -3.3 -1.5 6.2 0.1
East Anglia -1.2 -0.8 4.6 -4.3
East Midlands 2.9 -0.3 6.3 -1.2
London 3.1 -2.5 14.4 -6.1
North East -3.5 0.5 7.5 -14.3
North West 0.2 -3.1 1 -2.3
Scotland -1.3 -3.8 -3.1 -3.8
South East 0.5 1.1 19.3 2
South West -0.6 -1.5 10.1 3.3
Wales 3.7 -1.8 2.6 -0.9
West Midlands -0.9 -1.8 5.1 8.4
Yorks & Humber -2.2 0.3 5 -4.3

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