Property activity bounces back post lockdown

Four weeks into our return to business and the latest data from the Agency Express Property Activity Index, has highlighted a greater bounceback in activity than we had initially expected.

At the end of the first four weeks, the rolling three monthly figures for new listings ‘For Sale’ sat at -13% and properties ‘Sold’ at -20.8%. Typically these figures sit at sit around 6.3%.

Across the twelve regions recorded by Property Activity Index, Central England and Yorkshire and Humberside reported the greatest increase in activity over the four weeks, but over the three-month rolling period it was the North West who took the lead. 

Commenting on the Property Activity Index results, Ben Brookes, Managing Director of Agency Express said:

The return to business has over all been positive and the bounce in activity has been more robust than we had initially expected. Our daily instruction levels continue to increase and we are confident that we will see continued growth over the forthcoming months, if the country remains on the same track and there are no further restrictions placed.