Property Activity Index confirms summer slow down

The latest data revealed by the Agency Express Property Activity Index confirms that the summer holiday slowdown has set in. Figures show a drop in both new listings ‘For Sale’ and properties ‘Sold’ during July.  National figures for properties ‘Sold’ fell by -15.6% as did figures for new listings ‘For Sale’ which fell  by -3.10%.

Agency Express Comments

Commenting on the latest index results, Stephen Watson, Managing Director of Agency Express said:

This month’s figures come as no surprise, we have now entered the summer holiday months and seasonal adjustments are anticipated.  Although this month’s decline seems significant year on year figures are still robust.  In July 2014 we saw a much larger drop where new listings ‘For Sale and ‘Sold’ figures  fell in excess of 20%. As we pick up pace post September we look forward to seeing these figures evening out again.

Please click here to read the Agency Express Property Activity Index Report in full.