Seasonal slowdown for the UK property market

Following a robust property market in June,  the latest figures from the Agency Express Property Activity Index has shown a national drop in both new listings ‘For Sale’ sitting at -15.3% and properties ‘Sold’ at -8.8%. 

The report also reveals that the UK greatest declines in this months property market were recorded in London, where new listings ‘For Sale’ sat at -49.90% and properties ‘Sold’ at -19.90%.

Commenting on the latest index results, Stephen Watson, Managing Director of Agency Express said:

Throughout July and August we traditionally see a decline in the UK property market. This month the vote to leave the EU did bring an air of uncertainty, but as it stands figures have remained true to trend.  However with the ‘Brexit’ effect yet to emerge it will be interesting to see if September’s figures return with the same vigour.

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