Why summer is a great time to sell your home

The summer months are perhaps the easiest time of year to sell your home. If you’re able to put your property up for sale during this warmer, brighter time of year, you’re likely to see a much quicker turnover.

So why is summer the best time to sell your home, and how can you take advantage of this?

Here, the sell house fast experts at Property Solvers explain a little more about the appeal of the June to September window.

Better Weather

The idea of moving house in the sleet and rain is no one’s idea of fun. Late spring and summer are the most popular times of year for getting the process done, as dry, clear, warm weather is more likely.

 Another benefit of moving during this period is that outdoor spaces will look beautiful and green, and the rooms of your house will be flooded with light.

 Bear in mind, however, that sunlight really shows up dust – so make sure you give your home a good clean before any viewings!

 More Free Time

Autumn and winter are eventful times, with Halloween, Christmas and other celebrations at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Not only will potential buyers be feeling the pinch a little less in summer, but they’re also likely to have much more free time.

School holidays land in summer too, and families hunting for homes are likely to want to get their kids’ opinions of the house they’re considering.

So if you think your property will appeal to parents with children, choosing July or August to put your home on the market may be a good idea.

Better Pictures

Create the perfect conditions in which to take pictures for your home’s estate agency profile in summer by drawing your curtains and letting sunlight flood every room.

Natural light makes spaces feel larger and more welcoming – plus, you’ll be able to show the garden and any surrounding greenery at its best! Just remember to make sure you get the trimming, pruning, weeding and mowing out of the way first.

Longer Days

From June to September, the hours of sunlight are lengthier and earlier or later viewings will be more popular – and possibly more successful as your house and its surroundings will look at its best in the sunshine, as we mentioned earlier.

Impressions of the Local Area

Many people want to take a look at the surrounding neighbourhood when they’re viewing a house.

Long, warm summer days are likely to see the local parks and green spaces flooded with families, while other happy residents will be found socialising both inside and outside all of the area’s pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants.

If your neighbourhood looks cheery and bustling, it’s much more likely to appeal to potential buyers.

Mood Enhancement

It may seem a minor matter, but most people feel a greater sense of happiness in warm, sunny weather.

Catching viewers in a good mood will mean it’s more likely that they will feel inspired when looking at your property and will consider its potential with a great more positivity.

You may not be able to sell a house on this basis alone, but it could be a strong contributing factor!

Of course, it’s often difficult to plan and stick to an exact time for selling your home. There are a number of external factors that may delay you or push you forward, meaning you might miss the summer sweet spot.

But the closer you can get to the June to September window, the better.

However, if you’re worried about running out of time to sell your home before the darker months close in, or before you need the cash freed up for your next property – there’s no need to worry. 

As long as your house is priced correctly and you follow the basis, you’ll always be able to find a buyer.

Best of luck with the sale!