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In line with UK Government directions, Agency Express will suspend all board services to our clients with immediate effect. We appreciate the disruption this will cause, but we must ensure the safety of our franchised operators, valued clients and members of the public.

Signmaster3 will continue to be available for you to list your requests, and we will notify you as soon as we are able to commence work once more.

Any concerns please contacts us on or 01508579800

Thank you for your continued support.

What do tenants look for in a rental property?

Here are some of the most important factors tenants consider when looking for a rental property, they mostly want a safe, clean property with a secure tenancy. By knowing what your tenants want, you can attract the right ones for your property and have happy tenants who stay in your properties longer.

The most important things tenants look for in a property to rent are:

  • Safe and clean property – the property should be maintained to a safe standard, having working smoke alarms, no damp, safe electrics that have been checked and any electrical items PAT tested, and there must be an up to date gas safety certificate.
  • Secure tenancy and reasonable rent – most tenants look for a long term let with a secure tenancy so they can feel secure in their home and want to pay a reasonable rent that is in line with other rental amounts for the same type of property in that area.
  • Neutral decor with the option to personalise to their tastes – some tenants like to put their own stamp on a property with the permission of the landlord. To first move into a property it can make it look much more presentable and clean to have neutral decor.
  • Nice area with good amenities – all different types of tenants are looking for different things from their area, families are more likely to want to live in an area with good schools and local parks. Others might want to live nearer to a city and you will attract more tenants if the property is close to transport links,

Finally, aside from the property, tenants will want a good, reputable agent and landlord who will deal with any issues efficiently and be professional. They look for agents and landlords who want to keep the property to a good standard and want their tenants to be happy in the property they have chosen.

Thanks to guest writer Hayley of Rigley Kemp for this article.

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