UK property market see an increase in summer sales

Following a buoyant month for the UK property market in May, the latest data from the Agency Express Property Activity Index has revealed further increases throughout June. National month on month figures for new listings ‘For Sale’ sat at 9.4% and properties ‘Sold’ at 6.2%.  

Looking at historical data recorded by the index we can see that market activity is greater this year compared to twelve months previous. The increase in figures also appears consistent with recent market commentary from UK Finance who reported a 3% rise in mortgage approvals compared to a year earlier.

Observing regional performance, six of the twelve regions recorded by the Property Activity Index reported increases in properties ‘For Sale’ and seven reported increases in properties ‘Sold’

London sat at the top of this month’s leader board with new listings ‘For Sale’ at 62.6%. Again, looking back at the index’s historical data we can see that June is traditionally a buoyant month for the capital and while this year’s figures are robust they are marginally less compared to figures recorded in 2017. The South West followed suit with properties ‘Sold’ at 27.9%, the rise in figures resulted in a record best June for the region.

Other regional hotspots included:

New listings ‘For Sale’

  • Central England 16.4%
  • South West 14.2%
  • South East 12.5%
  • Scotland 7.1%
  • Yorkshire & Humberside 1.1%

Properties ‘Sold’

  • South East 21.9%
  • London 14.6%
  • North East 11.4%
  • North West 6.5%
  • Scotland 4.5%

The largest declines in this month’s index were recorded in Wales with new listings ‘For Sale’ at -5.7% and properties ‘Sold’ in East Anglia at -4.9%. However, the Property Activity Index’s rolling three monthly data shows more stability across both regions with Wales at 0.2% and East Anglia at 0.6%.

Commenting on the latest index results, Stephen Watson, Managing Director of Agency Express said:

During June we expect to see an increase in activity throughout market. This month’s data from the Property Activity Index has remained true to trend and year on year increases have been made. As we now move in to in July and August a slowdown is anticipated, so we’ll be monitoring yearly comparisons closely to see how the summer fairs.

Monthly % Changes for June 2018

% Changes for Apr - June 2018

New Listings
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

Properties Sold
% Change over last 12 months vs Previous 12 months

New ListingsProperties Sold
Jun 18Jun 17Jun 18Jun 17
Central England16.413.9-6.75.7
East Anglia-1.211.7-4.9-8.6
East Midlands-0.9-4.7-0.40.2
North East-5.6-2.811.4-16.2
North West-
South East12.5521.9-8.2
South West14.210.227.9-3.4
West Midlands-3.20.7-2.57.5
Yorks & Humber1.15.21.9-7.4
New ListingsProperties Sold
Apr -
Jan 18
Apr -
Jun 17
Apr -
Jun 18
Apr -
Jun 17
Central England12.34.72.71
East Anglia6.82.70.6-3.8
East Midlands-2-4.70-2.4
North East0.7-3.36-4.7
North West-0.6-0.20.7-2.9
South East10.26.59-1.2
South West10.40.113.2-2.5
West Midlands2.2-5.91.7-2.9
Yorks & Humber1.2-2.21.5-3.2

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